Tips To Reduce Moving Stress

By now, you may well be aware that moving your home can be an extremely stressful time. Here are 5 tips for a less stressful moving day:

1. Make sure you have backup plans.

If you leave anything to chance you can bet it will not go as planned. (See Murphy’s Law.) Make sure you have backup plans for all the things you can think of, from how to keep the kids and pets happy to what if the moving truck dies. A good backup plan is your first line of defense against a sudden complication.

2. Use professional movers.

Having only two able-bodied people to do all of the heavy liftings may become a problem with some of the heavier items or – even worse – if one of them gets hurt. It is best to get twice as much help as you think you’ll need, or even better, a professional crew who knows how to do everything efficiently.

3. Do not throw every bit of clutter away – some of it might come in handy.

You never know what you may need once you get to your new home. In some cases, that old camping stove may be the only thing you have to cook with until your gas utilities get turned on, or your appliances get installed or repaired.

4. Plan the day as best you can.

You don’t want people tripping over each other. Whether you’re planning on contractors, repair people, or the cable guy, make sure you plan appropriately so they don’t get in each other’s way. If you are planning on hiring a moving crew, you may simply want to schedule your contractors and service providers for a different day altogether so that the efficiency of your moving crew isn’t compromised by too much foot traffic.

5. Keep your necessities close.

A lot of stress can be saved if you can lay your hand on what you need without hunting for it. This rule applies to everything, from silverware to toys for the kids to power tools. Don’t throw everything into boxes without at least marking what’s inside and where it should go.

Hopefully, these tips will help make your moving day a little easier!