How Do You Pack For Moving a Home

As everyone knows, moving is never fun. Packing is probably the most difficult and time-consuming part of any move.

Here are some tips to help you stay organized, pack efficiently, and unpack with the greatest amount of ease.

Step 1

Don’t take with you anything you haven’t used in the last few years. If you haven’t used it, odds are you never will. Why pay to pack it and move it to a new house where it will probably once again never be used?

Step 2

Start packing the moment you know you are going to move! There’s no sense waiting until the last minute to get started. Begin to go through your home and start packing the things you know you won’t be needing until the move is over. Good starting points are the basement, attic, garage and storage closets.

Step 3

Label each and every box with the new room name and a brief description of the contents. Most moving boxes have small sections pre-printed where you can check off the designated room the box is for. If you are using generic or used boxes, make sure to mark them prominently on the sides and top. Careful labeling will save you tons of time!

Step 4

Number each box and keep a list of boxes with each box number and the details of its contents. When you need to find your coffee maker it’s much easier to look it up, see it’s in box #13, and then locate box #13 than it is to rip open every box labeled “Kitchen”.

Step 5

For those items you know you’ll need right away mark the boxes with a huge symbol like a star, check mark or asterisk. At the new house pick a designated spot for these items and let the movers know that all boxes with your symbol are to go in that spot. This way instead of searching through a garage full of boxes for your silverware, you’ll be able to easily locate it in the designated pile.

Step 6

Have the movers load the kid’s rooms into the moving truck LAST. This way these rooms are unloaded FIRST. While they are unloading the rest of your belongings, you can be set up the kid’s rooms (which will give them something to do) and they will be ready to go to sleep in their new room the very first night.

Step 7

Don’t let the movers take the things you know you need right away – like your child’s favorite teddy bear. Move these items in your personal vehicle so they don’t get lost or mixed up with all your other belongings. Other things to keep with you include medications, snacks, important documents, a change of clothing, and toiletries. These should always be kept somewhere readily accessible to you.

These packing tips will help to ensure a smoother and more relaxing move!


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